October 26, 2004

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October 25, 2004

Luka & Agency Eggs @ 10:34 In The Morning.

"There's a superintelligence at work in the world, striving toward particular goals, but it's not god, the difference being this agency doesn't have power over humans exactly, humans are like its limbs, it has to work through us, through our ideas and actions, which it can't control, it can only influence, so when it wants to spread an idea, like for example, the rise of riddim culture in London, or the lightbulb or the steam train, it's not going to put all its eggs in one basket now is it? It's prepared for all contingencies, so there's always backup, whatever idea it wants to bring into the world, it nurtures it in about five different minds, just to make sure."

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October 24, 2004


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October 23, 2004

"Could You Please Stop HUGGING Everybody?"

"It's only a Tuesday afternoon, you ridiculous little alien!!!"

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October 14, 2004

SALIV, Page 17.

Probably he sneaked off and wrote about it in his journal. He stayed up to four a.m. every night scratching away in his journal. I suppose all the secrets of the universe lay in it somewhere amid the rubble.

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October 10, 2004

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October 07, 2004

It Was A Mid-Week, Easy-To-Pass-Up Morning, With Trash Trucks, Sky-Writes, A Very Paranoid Neighborhood, And Missing Paperboys.

Even if the room was all exhaust, I kept the window closed when I left, blinds down, not ready to look the world in the face.

It was so soon for us, I thought.

My hair brushed the lower part of my shoulders that didn't bruise anymore. I wore a broken dress and an ankle-bracelet over striped-tights for what I didn't want to do or face or look at today.

Now. Sun blare. On the right. I put my back to it, go down the street toward the hills, walking on a rise that felt heavy and full of import-film importance. The sleep-loss was bad, and I hated saying it out loud. It was like watching this thing happen. When I went into the idea, disappearing was easy, but we're in the middle of it now, I'm in the middle of it now, even if I think we need to see different worlds and stop opening up the future before I'm out of nights to go.

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