December 30, 2002


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December 29, 2002

Back (We Think) For Real (Possibly).

Server moves/changes are over.

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December 15, 2002

Another Saturday Night.

"Are you walking me out so I don't get raped?"



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Dark, Complicated, And European.

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December 14, 2002

ERRB, Page 173.

"They started a film company called DFF, Dumb Fuck Films."

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"Seeking Young, Well-Built 18- To 30-Year-Old For Slaughter."

German police are watching home videos made by a sex cannibal who apparently shared a last meal of flambeed penis with his willing victim before carving him up and freezing the man's remaining body parts to eat later.

Prosecutors, who first announced the murder investigation on Wednesday, have named neither the victim nor suspect. But German media have quoted investigators identifying the dead man as "Bernd Juergen B." and the alleged killer as "Armin M."

Both men were computer technicians, German newspapers said.

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U.S. Bombing Watch.

Pre-war in the land of the Exorcist prologue.

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December 13, 2002

Old Men, Naked Breasts, Rabbit Legions, And A Midget.

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December 12, 2002

Miniature Relaunch.

Moved the site to its own domain.

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December 10, 2002

A Family Affair.

Tim Robbins and Samantha Morton will star in United Artists' Code 46 for director Michael Winterbottom and producer Andrew Eaton. Production begins next month in London. Frank Cottrell Boyce has written the love story set in the future and centers on a man and woman who have an affair. They go on the run when authorities begin to hunt them down after finding out that the woman was cloned using the DNA from the man's mother.

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A line of boats lit up like Christmas trees passed an abandoned clubhouse pounding out "Welcome To The Jungle" by Guns N' Roses.

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December 09, 2002

Bit Of Late Night Assembly Action. With A Hacksaw.

The drum kit.

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ERRB, Page 168.

"She was the kind of person who would slip a psychedelic in your drink and disappear with Pigpen of The Grateful Dead."

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December 08, 2002


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So Solid Crew : "They Don't Know [Dynamite Mix]".

(Lady Dynamite)
When i step up on the microphone,
explosive people learn to pimp
an play like they know dis
but they neva see the dynamite get firocious
ya to show dis watch while i blow dis,
from a step up on dis MC ting here good vibes i try to bring,
i try to fling,
but its time to show im not playing be a on ma back when i chat
but i know what they saying,
said a know bout me lyrically, i be a young lady
come for set the M I C on fi-are,
Take dem ravers dem higher met the evil,
say ya neva be like demon an den i neva seen lyrically ability
to put them six foot d double e p test me
i take you to your final destiny

I got a tongue like a trigger met dem more like river bomb squad,
Den i shiver with ma bomb deliver anyone a test imma bury ya
Did ya momma neva tell ya not play with fiare?
Is it them foot dem wannabe playa?
Is it them foot dem em be a slidaa?
Have them ballin like they was town cryer,
To be like D an so solid is their desire
But they dont know how i spit
An they dont know that i wont quit
I put a stop to their bullshit
Make them prang like we shot get lick
An they dont know about D,
theyll see that them badmind only
Make me more determined to succeed
Dynamaite so solid say fuck the envy

(Asher D)
They dont know bout my crew
They dont know what i do
They dont know about my flow
They dont know where i go

Everybody's gettin down to the sound of the s o s o l i d
Be wannawannabe wannawannabe DARKSYDE

Everybodys gettin down to the sound of the s o s o l i d
Be wannawannabe wannawannabe DYNAMITE

(Asher D)
If you wanna go deeper than this
yeah im talkin about back in the day
when i neva had shit never rolled with my clique,
an i never been rollin around with my hand on my stick
now im bussin em quick,
Guns in my hits an my clips an the bricks an im touchin the tips,
cuz im frozen from head to toe chasin cartier baguettes an im feelin
this shit,
cuz i been here from day an i know that im real in this shit,
are you lyrically fit?
challenge me right now on the stage with a mic in your hand to a beat you
can pick
Asher Ds never fadin no way an my flow is too sick,
An i keep a full clip waitin to exhale on the niggaz thats got all the lip,
So mind when you trip, when you feel that your trippin its me that is makin
you trip,
Keep your mind on your shit, when i tell you to jump you jump until i say to

Eh yo ash (what)
You wanna chillin in ma T,
Iced out when people see me,
Think again can they really see me?
Dont chat shit cuz i can see you but you cant see me
I wanna feel merry but im feelin her cunt feelin ma belly
No sess no murf no smelly or was i drunk come bounce on ya merry
its gettin messy,
You better wait for the next part,
Megaman get too dark so dark
Megaman get I dark you dark
When Megaman talk then you talk..we talk
well ma names Megaman they say mega cant talk the talk
that they talk prepare to get dark,
Are you ready to get cursed?
But first me an ma shadow exchanged verse
listen i said shadow shall i fuck that bitch?
He said no megaman keep your eye on your shit
an i said shadow shall i kidnap man ?
he said no megaman dont you understand

(Asher D)
i can take you out over your sleep
But im startin to think that your hatin me
Cuz my head is hot and my hands itchy
An i dont like the smell of PHDs

Dont take the piss ya naa
im gettin sick ya naa
When you was broke you know that i bought ya
Like a bitch in the corner
scopin me out you know that i taught ya

(Asher D)
Sellin ma flow im the star of the show
When you out to get bookies i be slammin it o like
soon damaged im out the window no trace when i dusst
i dusss when i go

I dont give a shit so check that
everyday see ya neva know mega wreck that
You bust mine i bust yours to sawdust
so when you out take a deep look at your daughter

(Asher D)
Mega are you a friend or an enemy?
Execution is a tendancy in my vocabulary
are you feelin me?
I took ya to ice that you never will see

Asher D stick to reality
who was you shottin for ? (eh mega) see
who got you bookies? (but mega) see
so who made you dough? (eh listen mega) see
you thinkin you wouldve made it without me,
then you gettin too brave competin with me,
Asher D your diminished come down the mic thats right
now hommie your finished

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A House-Climber Revisits.

"There used to be a guy named Jim who kept a fifty-pound bag of potatoes right where you're standing."

"Enjoy your freedom," he said, "when the cement sets, it sets hard."

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Moon Farming.

The moon remained a vacant lot in a bad neighborhood -- until last month, when TransOrbital Inc. became the first private company granted government permission to explore, photograph and land there. What's fueling this moon rush is not just a juicy balance sheet, but a pulp fantasy version of the frontier. Rather than belonging to the Earth, lunar soil would belong to whoever staked a claim and had the best business model.

"It is necessary for humankind to move off-planet, and in the near future, if we are not to stagnate," TransOrbital executive Paul Blase says. And if the moon isn't turned into a commercial space, "then we are limiting ourselves to an observational presence only ... This will be only signing a suicide pact."

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ERRB, Page 156.

"I'll set my clothes on fire -- if I can make it to the other side of the room, it'll be spectacular."

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December 07, 2002

Search Engine Query Of November 2002.

Communities squirting.

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Photographer Arrested For Taking Pictures Of Vice President's Hotel.

An amateur photographer named Mike Maginnis was arrested on Tuesday in his home city of Denver - for simply taking pictures of buildings in an area where Vice President Cheney was residing.

After being brought to the District 1 police station on Decatur Street, Maginnis was made to wait alone in an interrogation room. Two hours later, a Secret Service agent arrived, who identified himself as Special Agent "Willse."

The agent told Maginnis that his "suspicious activities" made him a threat to national security, and that he would be charged as a terrorist under the USA-PATRIOT act. The Secret Service agent tried to make Maginnis admit that he was taking the photographs to analyze weaknesses in the Vice President's security entourage and "cause terror and mayhem."

When Maginnis refused to admit to being any sort of terrorist, the Secret Service agent called him a "raghead collaborator" and a "dirty pinko faggot."

Three hours later, Maginnis was finally released, but with no explanation. He received no copy of an arrest report, and no receipt for his confiscated possessions. He was told that he would probably not get his camera back, as it was being held as evidence.

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December 06, 2002

Why No One Lives Forever 2 Is Game Of The Year (Example C).

See examples A, B.

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Why No One Lives Forever 2 Is Game Of The Year (Example B).

Chase = midget mime on a unicycle through the streets of India with a one-eyed drunk Scotsman.

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Why No One Lives Forever 2 Is Game Of The Year (Example A).

"Our mission is to proactively develop globally applicable expertise in order to build a sustainable results-oriented evil enterprise."

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December 05, 2002

A Simple Thanksgiving.

They were playing Ferris Bueller's Day Off over a projector of electro-funk.

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ERRB, Page 147.

"Most of all, Evans liked the company of women, especially models, actresses, and hookers. When he woke up in the morning, he could never remember their names. He had a housekeeper who brought him breakfast in bed -- black coffee and a piece of cheesecake. Under the cake dish she put a piece of paper with the name of the girl."

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"I think for American urban youth, they think dance music is something for the gays and that is why I don't think I'll catch on here like I did in the U.K." (Mike Skinner, BPM)

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December 03, 2002

. . .

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ERRB, Page 136.

"The two men went through the script and agreed on what drug Dennis would use in each of his scenes. When Hopper got the next day's call sheet, there was a notation at the bottom indicating the appropriate drug."

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December 02, 2002

Wasn't Making It Up.

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More Fiddling.

We sharpened the site a bit. Almost there, we're told.

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Executing Internet Users.

The authorities have introduced scores of regulations, closed Internet cafes, blocked e-mails, search engines, foreign news and politically-sensitive websites, and have recently introduced a filtering system for web searches on a list of prohibited key words and terms.

Those violating the laws and regulations which aim to restrict free expression of opinion and circulation of information through the Internet may face imprisonment and according to recent regulations some could even be sentenced to death.
Amnesty International

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December 01, 2002

It's A Very Merry Post-Modern Muppet Christmas Movie.

A couch-surfing, ambi-sexual, obsessive record collector god watches Kermit have a nervous breakdown and cross into a reality where Fozzie the Bear is a psychopathic homeless man who steals wallets.

"You have, like, every album ever recorded. Ever."

"Yeah. Plus imports."

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