April 29, 2008

Armageddon Spam.

Subject: wheat rust
Date: Tue, 29 Apr 2008 05:27:35 -0400
From: wrenchspnr@aol.com

Just remember we are the amateur in this bio warfare game and nature is the pro.

It also looks like the "survivalists" are not as crazy as people think. Make preperations we have hard times comming soon.

The best solution is to desentralise the food supply and keep it local to help curb bio vector contamination.

The easy life is comming to an end.

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April 28, 2008

Htlif, Page 357.

Don't give em Ecstasy! We don't want them dancing! Keep them dulled, staggering, and incoherent as they die! Make it glamorous. Put it on celluloid, put it on hoardings. Just keep the real thing as far away from us as possible.

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April 17, 2008

. . .

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April 12, 2008

In The Middle Of Parallel Train Tracks.

I sat with a girl I used to know in History Of Television.

And banged out bad pictures on road-signs.

It doesn't have to be the end.

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April 10, 2008

Htlif, Page 340.

I jump out. She starts off at pace. Once she's out of sight I get a taxi home and go to my bed where I see more demons forming in the swirling patterns of my artex ceiling.

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April 09, 2008

Genitals : Musicians

'My penis is like Television: no matter how hard I try to shove it down people's throats, it is never appreciated.'

'My dick is like Brian Eno: enigmatic, occasionally frustrating, and more interesting in theory than in practice, but works great with other people.'

'My penis is like a Leonard Cohen song: everyone likes it better when it's covered.'

'My dick is like Rage Against The Machine: it leans quite a way to the left.'

'My junk is like Men Without Hats: pretty much only known from that video with a midget.'

'My dick is like Tom Waits: performs like it was soaked in a vat of bourbon, left hanging in the smokehouse for a few months, and then taken outside and run over with a car, but goddamn does it have a dedicated cult following.'

'My vagina is Thom Yorke. It is droopy and sad to look at.'

Something Awful

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